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Original Batik Free Motion Quilted Textile Notecards

My mother loves to travel and collect cards from local artists.  It’s her way of getting a little piece of their work when she can’t buy a larger original.  The inspiration for these came from her and I’m so glad I finally listened to her and created them.  Each card is a unique mini version of my quilts with a fun design cut from bold, colorful fabrics and finished with free motion stitching. Each finished textile is then stitched to a 5”x7” notecard and is signed.  I feel every single one has its own unique personality, and even when I make multiples of the same design, I never duplicate the same fabrics and it’s impossible for me to free motion stitch them exactly the same, so you can be sure you have an original.  I make dozens of these a month, but here are just a few examples of some of my favorites.

So many cards every week!
I love this little saguaro in the hot desert sun. A splash of metallic thread on the sun adds a little fun sparkle (thought the metallic never photographs very well!).
A handful of the nativity and holiday cards I made at Christmas time. Still love these.
Step 1–piecing it all together. The stitching adds so much fun little detail
I added a few sea horses to the repertoire.
Each little handmade card is textile creation is a one-of-a-kind,


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