About Me

We artists throw around words like passion and fate and art and humanity and juxtaposition as we try to define who we are and what we do and why we do it.  Fully defining who I am isn’t my goal because I can change on a dime and am distracted by shiny objects and how they could be turned into a work of art. But to sum up, I have an MFA in scenic design from San Diego State University and a Bachelor’s from Texas Woman’s University. I am a Texas girl at heart and a transplant to beautiful San Diego, where I’ve lived for twenty years. I am torn between both worlds. There’s that juxtaposition that artists like to refer to so often.  I have two beautiful wild and crazy boys and I recently put some focus back on my career and am working as a textile and quilt artist.  I have space in Studio 19 in the Spanish Arts Village in Balboa Park, where I work and meet wonderful people from all over the world.

But enough about me.  What about the art?!  My work as a quilt and textile artist has been heavily influenced by my years as a scenic artist in the theatre.  My use of color, my loose, free techniques, and my eye for how all the colors and textures work together to create a beautiful image full of life and movement was greatly impacted and molded by my training. I’ve been sewing for more than three decades as well. Largely self-taught. I love creating images using fabric that other artists have created. It’s like their voices are in there as well, blending with mine in a way I could not have achieved alone.  I design, construct and do all the free-motion quilting on all of my pieces. Each layer adds a level of detail that they previous layer couldn’t achieve. I don’t always know where the piece will lead me, but I do believe they take on a mind of their own and often dictate the next step to me.  It’s just up to me to listen.  And act on that inspiration.